BitPusher support policy

To our valued customers, colleagues, friends and fans.

This post should help to clarify our support policy. There often seems to be some misunderstanding about how responsive we (BitPusher) will be during the weekend or evening hours.

BitPusher staff is normally in-office from about 7am to 6pm US/Pacific time, Monday through Friday. We don’t monitor the incoming tickets on a 24×7 basis which means that normal requests (e-mail or phone) generated outside of those “normal business” hours (and sometimes within depending on how busy we are which as of late is VERY) will be handled the next business day. By handled I mean seen, assigned, scheduled and/or started.

If you need urgent support (24×7 day or night) call the support hotline (1-888-9PUSHER) and choose URGENT support. You will either be connected directly to a technician or be prompted to leave a voicemail. If the latter, a pager alert will go to the on-call technician who¬† should respond within 1 hour. Most of the time we’ll respond much quicker, within just a few minutes.

Any questions can be posted to comments here.

Mark Foster
Sr. Systems Engineer

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