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reflections on an amazing year

The year isn’t over yet, of course, but in the process of planning for the opening of our new data center I’ve spent a good deal of time taking stock — to make sure that I understand the true state of the company (financially and otherwise) so as to make informed decisions about the investments we’re making in our expansion.

At our executive team meeting yesterday I went over our preliminary financial numbers for 2006.  Our 2006 revenue will be 2.5 times more than our 2005 revenue.  Measured by monthly recurring revenue, our managed services customer base in December 2006 is 2.87 times what it was in December 2005, exceeding our informal target of doubling every eight months.  (As for profitability, we’ve never taken any outside investment and our debts are about the same as they were a year ago, so we’re more or less at break-even.)

Those financial numbers are in line with what I consider to be the real story of the state of the company.  In addition to delivering more services, our customers are happier, we’re more organized, we understand what kinds of customers we can serve most effectively and we’re getting pretty good at finding them.  We have a fantastic team of people who work remarkably well together.  We also have a clear understanding of our costs and (for the most part) how those costs will change as we expand.  In general, the company feels a lot more mature than it did a year ago.
Perhaps most significantly, I’d be happy to have any of our customers talk to prospects or to the public about their experiences.  We’ve delivered well on technical measures (e.g. median customer downtime was under one hour for the last year) and have customer service that our customers consistently say good things about.
Of course, behind the scenes this hasn’t an easy process, and isn’t getting any easier.  Because we’ve gotten more organized there’s slightly less of that “bursting at the seams” feeling, but that’s counterbalanced by the fact that there’s more pressure because we have more customers and there’s generally more at stake.  And we constantly feel limited by our financial resources, both in terms of our ability to expand and in terms of our ability to make improvements.

That said, I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished in 2006, and I look forward to the challenges coming in 2007.