HostingCon 2009 Photos

Hostingcon was an absolute success this year. Daniel and I had a great time overall and met a lot of great people. We had a chance to catch up with old friends and partners and met some new ones.

Hostingcon was definitely an eye-opener this year, there are a number of exciting changes about to transform the hosting industry. Over the next two years are definitely going to be a whirlwind of change for the industry. We’re in for a barrage of new cloud hosting and storage services coming at us from mid-sized dedicated-server & hosting companies.


Details on this week’s Bulk Dedicated Server special

Here at BitPusher we’ve got a team of highly-trained monkeys working around the clock for new ways to provide awesome infastructure services at competitive prices. The latest addition to our suite of services is bulk dedicated servers. That’s why every week from here-on out we’ll be offering a new bulk dedicated server deal. New offers will come so frequently that  you will be able to set your broken watch by it.

Details on BitPusher’s bulk dedicated server deal for the week of January 12th.

20 dedicated servers for $4919.98/month with $0 setup!

  • CPU: Single Processor, Quad-Core, 2.4GHZ Xeon 3220, 2x4MB Cache
  • 2GB Memory expandable to 8GB
  • 2 X 250GB SATA II Hard Disk Drives in RAID-1 expandable to 4x 1TB disks in Raid-10 or Raid-5
  • 1000 Mbps Public & Private Network Ports
  • 2000 GB/month of Public Data Transfer per server  per month
  • Any Linux OS you want (Inquire for Windows pricing)
  • 5 IP Addresses per server
  • Network IDS/IPS Protection
  • Unlimited SSL VPN Users & 1 PPTP VPN User per account
  • Nessus Vulnerability Assessment & Reporting
  • Monitoring Host Ping
  • Notification Email and Ticket
  • Reboot / KVM over IP
  • Available in any of 3 datacenter locations: Seattle, Dallas, or Washington DC
  • 2-3 hour setup time upon initial payment

Email for more infomation

Emergency maintenance work — Outage on Thursday, Sept 13 18:50 – 19:30 PDT

To all BitPusher customers,

Our data center has informed us that they need to do maintenance on the power system in the next few days in order to prevent an unscheduled outage in the future. They have schedule an outage which will require us to take down all services based in our main (Seattle) data center.

The time during which BitPusher customer services will be down is (in PDT — see below for other time zones):
Thursday, September 14 18:50 to 19:30 (40 minutes)

All services based on our Seattle data center will be shut down at 18:50. This will be a clean shutdown. As soon as the power work is complete we will restore services. All services will be restored by 19:30.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Please let us know if you have any questions of if there is anything we can do to mitigate the impact for you and your customers.

Here is the start time of the outage in other time zones:
Friday, September 14 01:50 UTC
Thursday, September 13 18:50 PDT (US West Coast)
Thursday, September 13 21:50 EDT (US East Coast)
Friday, September 14 02:50 BST (United Kingdom)
Friday, September 14 03:50 CEST (France)
Friday, September 14 11:50 Aus. EST (Eastern Australia)

Michael T. Halligan
Chief Technology Officer
BitPusher, LLC

Feeling good about moving our datacenter to Seattle.

As expensive as it was, it was absolutely the right system to move BitPusher’s critical infrastructure off of California’s over-burdened power grid.

Apparently a transformer exploded under the 560 Mission PG&E Substation in San Francisco, knocking out part of the grid for about 24,000 people. Unfortunately, this happened in the SoMA neighborhood, otherwise known as datacenter alley where 365main, JMA Wired, ServePath, 650 Townsend, and Level3 (amongst others) have datacenters. Apparently the datacenter we moved out of, 365main, had some problems dealing with this power outage.

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the little things

To the extent that things at BitPusher ever settle down, things have settled down after the move to Seattle.

We’re already seeing benefits from move. One big networking snafu notwithstanding, the combination of better and beefier shared infrastructure with the opportunity to rebuild our customer servers has noticeably reduced the frequency of operational incidents. In practical terms, this has meant fewer pages for our operations team and fewer process restarts — things that most people don’t notice, but they take up our time and can cause brief downtimes or cause end user sessions to be lost.

But perhaps the biggest difference is in the little ways we’ve made the infrastructure simpler and tidier. It may sound silly to dictate that the server in slot 13 in cabinet 2 will be known as sea-c02-s13 and be must be plugged in to port 13 on the both the remote-control power system and each of the three network switches to which it is connected (two redundant data connections plus one for the lights-out management), but in the end it saves time and avoids confusion, as well as eliminating the need to maintain much of a cable map.

Rebuilding customer servers, as we did during the move, has meant that everything (well, almost everything) is now set up according to our latest best practices. While we always kept the servers up to date in terms of patches and such that affect security and stability, many of the details of how we configure networking, choose file paths, etc. have changed in the three years since we moved in to our previous data center, and some of those are harder to update. Rebuilding gave us a chance to update them. (We’ve also learned a lot about what to do and not do when rebuilding customer environments, so it will be easier to do limited rebuilds to keep things up to the latest spec in the future.)

Improvements in the physical data center space make a big difference, too. In addition to better power and cooling and having plenty of room to expand, it helps a great deal to have better cable management, a simplified and easier-to-manage scheme for labeling servers, and more storage space for easier management of spare parts.

When trying to keep a complicated environment running smoothly, the little things make a big difference.

Datacenter migration completed.

As of 9:00 PM on May 17th, BitPusher has finally moved 100% of it’s infrastructure out of 365 Main in San Francisco. It’s funny, we still have access to 1/2 of the colocation rooms in 365, since we still manage a handful of customers there, but we no longer maintain any of our own equipment there.

It’s good to be completed with this project. Our new environment is a well-oiled machine. Essentially, we started with a green-field environment, and put together a long list of gripes about our old infrastructure in San Francisco. Everything from cabling standards to setting up BGP, and building better systems management tools was addressed.

More to come in the next week, but after such a lull in blogging activity, I thought I’d make this exclamation. We’re open, and doing business in Seattle!

Jr. NOC Admin CONTRACT (Seattle, WA) January 9th through January 12th

Jr. Admin CONTRACT (Seattle, WA) January 9th through January 12th

BitPusher, LLC is seeking a contractor to assist in the build-out of our new datacenter in Tukwila.

This is a short-term contract from January 9th, 2007 through January 12th, 2007 (around 25 hours), which may lead into an ongoing part-time NOC technician position.

Responsibilities will include:

* Installing rack-mount equipment including servers, switches, routers
* Installing ethernet cables
* Documenting cabling infrastructure
* Upgrading BIOS & Firmware on servers


* 1-2 years Linux Administration Experience
* Able to work up to 4x 10 hour shiftts from 8am – 6pm
* Ability to lift 60lbs overhead; may require awkward or straining position to be assumed for short periods of time in lifting or han
dling objects
* Experience running ethernet cable
* Familiarty with Linux
* Strong work ethic
* Reliable transportation
* Experience working in datacenters

Compensation: DOE, 1099

BitPusher, LLC is a rapidly growing IT managed services startup. Please contact us by e-mail only. Please send a resume and cover letter to