BitPusher rolls out Puppet to over 5,000 Hosts

Ski Kacoroski gave a great presentation last night at Seattle Area Systems Administrators Group about BitPusher’s work deploying Puppet onto NorthShore School District’s 5,000+ Apple Workstations & Laptops.

You can view the presentation slides here: Puppet For Mac Workstation Configuration Management.

Currently this is the second largest deployment of Puppet, second only to Google’s recently announced puppet deployment.

LinuxFest 2008 Recap

Last weekend we exhibited at LinuxFest NorthWest. It was pretty exciting, since this was the first time we’d actually had a booth and marketing schwag at an event. Hopefully it won’t be the last.

As these things go, the preparation was pretty intense. Between the time we signed up for our booth, and 10 days prior to the conference, we didn’t have much time to plan for the event. At T-10 days, we decided we wanted stickers and T-shirts.

With 8 days left, I called up Robert Kaule over at essensys, who also owns a silk screening business. I asked him to make it happen on time. Being an engineer first, and a screen-printer second, his response was “no problem, I’ll have to bill you for overnight delivery “.

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Future of Web Apps in London

I’m in London now for Carsonified’s Future of Web Apps conference. For the next two days I’ll be listening to talks from a variety of interesting speakers involved in web apps in various capacities. Friday is the conference workshop day, and in the afternoon I’ll be running a workshop on Scaling the LAMP Stack.

I’m also in London for a couple of extra days, so if you’re in town (at the conference or not), let me know.

talk at Google on line

The Economies of Focus talk I gave at Google last week is now on Google Video:

If you have feedback on the talk, please leave a comment or get in touch.

If you’re coming to the SASAG meeting next week, you might not want to watch this first, since it will be pretty much the same talk. Or maybe you do so you can heckle me better. 🙂

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“Economies of Focus” Talk

A friend of mine at Google asked me to put together a talk on on how BitPusher works, and in particular how a small company provides a managed services offering that competes effectively with huge companies. Here’s the description of the resulting talk:

Economies of Focus: How Little Guys Compete in Big Spaces

BitPusher is a small company that provides outsourced web operations and hosting for customer web applications. CEO Daniel Lieberman will discuss the philosophies, techniques and compromises that allow a very small team to deploy new, diverse applications rapidly while keeping their ops environment manageable. In particular, Daniel will describe how BitPusher achieves economies of scale in a diverse environment by choosing their focus areas carefully, making BitPusher efficient enough to complete with big IT consultancies and the services arms of telecom companies.

I’ll be giving this talk at Google this Thursday and then again (open to the public) on August 7 at 7PM at SASAG in Seattle. (I may present it again elsewhere if there’s interest.) The plan is for a video of the talk at Google to be made available on-line as well.

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