whirlwind and London

Our blog has been quiet lately, but things at BitPusher certainly haven’t been. The cats have mostly been herded and our new Seattle data center is within a few days of coming on line. Now we’ve got a backlog of customer setups to do in Seattle as well a bunch of other loose ends to finish up — and then, of course, come the customer moves.

I’m also about to head to London for Carson Systems’ Future of Web Apps conference. I’m looking forward to the change of scene and getting back out into the community after a few weeks of being heads-down in front of the computer. If you’re going to the conference, or will otherwise be in London next week, let me know so we can touch base while I’m there.  (Use the contact form if you don’t already have my e-mail address.)

The New Year Hath Begun

Said the shouting voices. 

  It has, and today is the 1st of Two Double-Aught Seven. I’m getting more up to speed as time goes on on every project I can, and have got my motor runnin for the 1st phase of the Seattle buildout.

  I arrive at work today, and there’s Michael in the fedora, lookin’ all chipper and awake. I’m not certain that that’s a polite state of being, even halfway through this 1st day of the year. Didn’t he have any fun on New Year’s Eve?  There’s no telling, but even on this one day when a disheveled appearance is acceptable at all status of the social sphere, he’s clean-shaven, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

   Okay, I’m really any the worse for wear than normal, so I guess I can let that pass.

   As this is the new year, my workload and responsibilities are increasing at a fullfilling) yet not overwhealming) rate.

   Happy New Year, and  1st Post!


-Dirk R.

The New Guy

  Yup, that’s me.  I’m the New Guy here at BitPusher.  It’s been a good ride so far, what with there being plenty to keep me busy. I’m rather excited about the buildout up in Seattle, and am looking forward to seeing it completed. Planning is going well, and I feel good about the project.

  BitPusher’s been treating me quite well, and I’m glad to be onboard, especially as it looks like things are goin’ up. The hat’s great, though it’s sittin’ kinda high on my head in the picture. Like I’m trying to hide a cone or something. That’s not the case, I assure you.

  It’s very pretty (and somewhat wet) up in Seattle. I hear that the Thai and Korean food is great, but to stay away from Mexican restaurants. We’ll see. It’s hard to screw up Mexican without putting lettuce into a quesadilla. Who does that, anyway? Why would they?

why now?

We’re the busiest we’ve been since recovering from my vacation in March, and only getting busier. But with a little nudging yesterday from Marty at Tangler, who is about to be our newest customer, we finally did go ahead and set up a blog.

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist about public communication (as our web designer, who is somehow still speaking to us, can attest), so blogging about the daily workings of our company requires a bit of letting go. Perhaps speaking last month in front of several hundred people without much time to prepare (in the middle of Ryan Carson’s talk at his Future of Web Apps conference) combined with (I say optimistically) generally making it to the next level in letting go of control, made me ready to act when Marty nudged. It also doesn’t hurt that Michael went ahead and set up WordPress on one of our servers, eliminating my hang-up about an infrastructure company putting its blog on somebody else’s hosted service.

So here we are. These are busy times indeed, but we’re going to try to make a habit of providing frequent updates for anyone who’s interested.

The latest excitement is indeed the Tangler deal — we’ll be running the infrastructure for the new service that they’ll start publicizing shortly. Of course, since we’re both busy it took a while to get the details worked out, and now they’re uncomfortably close when they expect to get meaningful traffic. But at least they have a sense of humor as they nudge to see how quickly we might be able to get them up and running.