Ongoing Management

We offer a very flexible and highly capable service that can be customized to suit almost any environment’s needs, no matter how customized or intricate.  We work with you to outline the challenges, goals, and requirements for your environment.  Then we’ll do a complete review of your existing infrastructure, and help you determine which parts of your infrastructure would benefit from improvement and how BitPusher can best support you through management of the environment.  You’ll also have a buffer of flexible work for ongoing changes to the infrastructure.  BitPusher is also there to help expand your infrastructure or change it to meet your organizations changing requirements for both the business and technical sides.

Ongoing Management and Support Services

  • 24×7 response to services failures of any kind, from initial assessment through to full resolution
  • Monitoring to ensure that we know about issues, when possible before they become noticeable to your users
  • Collection and graphing of system utilization metrics to provide operational insight
  • Keeping your configuration management in sync with your actual systems
  • Addressing small issues and failures before they turn into big ones
  • Making sure backups are working correctly
  • Regular patch, update, and security review cycles
  • Scaling and modifying the environment to meet your changing needs
  • Proactively looking for ways to make the environment more reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective

We provide multiple levels of support, ranging from incident and platform based services to comprehensive operational support with a high level of proactive improvement.