Ongoing Management

We partner with our clients to identify the challenges, requirements, and goals of their business. We do a complete review of the existing infrastructure to help determine what would benefit from improvement and how we can best support the management of the environment.

We provide flexible levels of support depending on the needs of your business, ranging from monitoring and incident response through comprehensive operational support with a high level of proactive improvement.

24/7 Monitoring and Response

BitPusher audits and applies monitoring to your environment to ensure that we know about issues immediately, when possible before they become noticeable to users. We respond to service failures, from initial assessment to full resolution.

We regularly monitor service utilization and scale the environment to meet your changing needs. By proactively tracking metrics we can plan further into the future and preemptively scale before hitting critical thresholds. This same practice allows us to identify and reduce redundancies or obsolete technology that can be a drain on your resources.


We utilize open source technology to bring standardization and greater automation to your environment, and make sure that your configuration management remains in sync with your actual systems. Our reusable engineering model allows rapid environment duplication and continuous deployment cycles.

Security and Redundancy

We do a thorough review of your full infrastructure to establish regular patching, security review cycles, password rotations, and systems updates. We implement architecture that provides secure database redundancy and set safeguards to ensure that backups are working correctly.