BitPusher rolls out Puppet to over 5,000 Hosts

Ski Kacoroski gave a great presentation last night at Seattle Area Systems Administrators Group about BitPusher’s work deploying Puppet onto NorthShore School District’s 5,000+ Apple Workstations & Laptops.

You can view the presentation slides here: Puppet For Mac Workstation Configuration Management.

Currently this is the second largest deployment of Puppet, second only to Google’s recently announced puppet deployment.

Pusher of Bits Needed (Senior Linux Administrator)

Pusher of Bits Needed (Senior Linux Administrator)

BitPusher is a small, rapidly growing web infrastructure company with offices in Seattle and San Francisco. We are seeking a creative, dynamic and highly responsible senior systems administrator (SAGE level IV).

BitPusher manages web servers, networks and other IT infrastructure, both owned by BitPusher and hosted elsewhere. We build long-term relationships with our customers and take the time to understand their applications, their technical needs and their business needs. We customize things as required to meet those needs, but we also keep things as standard as we can for reasons that we’re sure you already understand.

Do you like making order out of chaos? Are you effective when managing lots of little projects, but also have a tendency to make improvements that you didn’t originally have in mind? Are you always looking for ways to manage servers more efficiently? If so, let’s talk.

whirlwind and London

Our blog has been quiet lately, but things at BitPusher certainly haven’t been. The cats have mostly been herded and our new Seattle data center is within a few days of coming on line. Now we’ve got a backlog of customer setups to do in Seattle as well a bunch of other loose ends to finish up — and then, of course, come the customer moves.

I’m also about to head to London for Carson Systems’ Future of Web Apps conference. I’m looking forward to the change of scene and getting back out into the community after a few weeks of being heads-down in front of the computer. If you’re going to the conference, or will otherwise be in London next week, let me know so we can touch base while I’m there.  (Use the contact form if you don’t already have my e-mail address.)

It’s been a year!

Somehow it slipped my mind, but this past Tuesday noted the one-year anniversary of a customer of ours, League Of Professional Systems Administrators (LOPSA).

LOPSA is a great customer of ours, and was our first foray into charitable contributions. It all started September, 2005. The SAGE board had been commissioned to split away from Usenix a year before, and things started falling apart in this process. Aug 2005, I was approached by (I believe, forgive me if I’m wrong) Stephen Potter about providing infrastructure to SAGE as they split off from Usenix, to which we tentatively agreed.

Linda, Daniel & I sat down, and came up with an appropriate offer for their needs. We would provide them with two fully managed servers, and treat them like any other customer of ours, except that we would be donating the management costs. Just a couple of weeks after this had been deployed, the SAGE split-off dissolved, and we promised to let them continue using the servers until resolution, or until a new body had been formed.
The servers we provided LOPSA with were BitPusher’s standard servers, the Proliant DL145 G2 from Hewlett Packard

On November 14, 2005 LOPSA officially came to life. Since then, LOPSA has grown to a membership of over 600 members. It threw it’s first training event in November, 2006, a week ahead of it’s one-year anniversary. It supports a very active community, including several very active mailing lists, a community site and provides it’s customers with many exclusive discounts.

It’s been a great year, so far. The board & volunteers at LOPSA have been a real pleasure to work with. They’ve even referred a couple of key customers to BitPusher, for which we are ever thankful! Happy Birthday LOPSA!