Who We Are

Founded in 1999, BitPusher was created to provide web hosting services and IT consultation.  Today BitPusher has grown and we focus more on managing IT infrastructure, especially for online services.  We provide these services at a higher quality level and at lower and more predictable cost than other consultants or in-house IT organizations.  We believe in a process-oriented philosophy and strive to reduce costs, improve quality, and allow for rapid growth and change.


Daniel LiebermanDaniel Lieberman is the President/CEO and  has over twenty-five years of experience in IT, operations management and executive management. He has been with BitPusher since its inception in 1999 and has successfully guided the company through the many changes to the IT industry in recent years. Daniel has also held management and IT positions at CollabNet, Incyte, Nextron and Netcom.


The BitPusher team is composed of accomplished architects, engineers, and innovators with decades of multi-faceted experience in many industries across the web. Together we have created extraordinary client experiences through developing innovative services, processes and technology standards. Working at BitPusher offers you the chance to work with a wide array of technologies and see how they work for a wide variety of applications.  BitPusher engineers routinely solve unique problems and take on new and interesting challenges. We provide excellent opportunities in professional growth. We have a strong commitment to being a leader in managed application hosting, with client satisfaction being our top priority.

Please see our careers page to learn about working for BitPusher.