Why Use BitPusher?

At BitPusher, we want you to focus on what is important to you and what is truly unique about your application or online service.  When you entrust your application to BitPusher, we become your partner and we give your infrastructure as much attention if not more than any in-house operations team.  Regardless of how much technical knowledge you have, we can help you solve any of your operations concerns whether it be business or technical.  We’re seasoned in our field and have worked with many different applications and services and can guide you in all your operational needs.

BitPusher saves you time, money, and effort.  Your organisation can move faster because you won’t have to worry about your infrastructure.  We are a trusted partner who you can come to to answer the important questions and give you advice on how to make your application or service be better.  We have the real world experience with many applications across the web and seen how these applications have been used, grown, and have been a part of solving the hard problems these applications have come across.