end of an era

In May of 1999, BitPusher acquired our first customer-facing server and signed our first colocation contract.  Over the next several years we increased our physical server footprint and colo infrastructure, focusing most of the next several years on providing a combined hosting-plus-management offering.

This morning, we shut down our colo and sold off the remaining equipment in it.  While the number of servers we manage continues to grow, and in some cases we still sell hosting (from third parties), maintaining our own physical infrastructure is no longer a fit for us.  The advantages of larger hosting environments have increased, from being able to provision or de-provision many servers quickly to having large enough networks to withstand large DDoS attacks to having geographical diversity with unified management.  Much of what makes a modern hosting company effective requires larger-scale infrastructure than it makes sense to tie to a primarily services-oriented business.

Also, the quality of hosting available, whether dedicated servers or cloud, has improved greatly while the costs have plummeted.  And we’ve realized that while understanding the performance and reliability characteristics of server hardware and networks is indeed central to the full application stack management that we do, most aspects of running a data center are really distractions from the application-centric focus that defines BitPusher.


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