Unique Billing Model

We don’t do straight hourly billing.  We believe that straight hourly billing means that our incentives are not aligned with yours.  Consultants who bill hourly are mainly motivated to spend as many hours as possible, and are not motivated to keep your application running smoothly.  At BitPusher, we believe in billing for value rather than for effort.  This translates into billing for an agreed upon scope of work, but we know you also need more flexibility than a rigid scope.

Instead, we bill based on a hybrid of these two aspects.  Most of the work that we do fits into a scope. But we also include a bucket of hours each month that can be used as you need.  Likewise, when we do one-time projects, we usually scope most of the project but also include a bucket of hours for flexibility.  This lets you get additional work done as you need it, without having additional fees. This combination means you can expect to pay nearly the same amount every month. Your costs stay roughly the same and only changes when there is a large deviation from your normal needs.

Even when your needs increase, you’ll always know well in advance before incurring additional charges. We never spend your money without discussing it with you before hand. There are no surprises in your bill ever.