Unique Billing Model

We offer a hybrid of hourly and project scope billing to offer greater flexibility to our clients.

Large Project Scopes

We believe that billing should be based on value provided. With straight hourly billing, vendors incentives are not aligned with their clients’ best interests. Project reporting becomes vague and work is often prolonged because there is a lack of motivation to complete the work.

For large scale projects, we do thorough advanced planning and provide transparent quotes and timelines for the scope of work. When work is completed in advance of the anticipated deadline, we offer the ability to apply that credit to your next project.

Support and Improvement

Our ongoing management pricing tiers are based on the size of your infrastructure and support level needed. We factor in a bucket of hours each month which allows you to get additional work done as you need it, without having to worry about additional fees. Your costs stay roughly the same and only change when there is a large deviation in scope.

Zero Surprises

Even when your needs increase, you’ll always know well in advance before incurring additional charges. We never spend your money without discussing it with you before hand. There are no surprises in your bill ever.