Working With You

We provide you with numerous ways to communicate with us on a daily basis.  We’re here for you 24/7 and you can engage us using the communication tools you like best.  You’ll use our ticketing system as a primary communication tool to capture all the relevant information and provide accountability. But you’re also always free to communicate over IM, phone or email with your account manager and primary engineer.  You can also tell use whom we should contact under what circumstances.  Simply put: You tell us how you want to communicate and with whom and when.

How We Work With You

  • Technical Account Manager and Primary Engineer: Your primary and most common point of contacts.
  • Full Engineering Team: Available 24/7, with the whole team knowledgeable and experienced in your environment.
  • Every one working on your account knows your environment and is regularly trained on it. You’ll never speak to an engineer who isn’t familiar with your account.
  • Regular meetings about progress, operational issues, and projects. You’ll never be out of the loop.
Your Relationship with BitPusher 
  • We’re never out of the loop. We’re always up to date with everything in your environment.
  • Complete two way mind share.
  • Complete visibility into how our time is used for you.
  • Collegial or Collaborative: We’re flexible, it’s up to you.