One Time Services

BitPusher offers a range of services, from one time projects to multiple tiers of 24/7 monitoring, management, and support. We work with you to help expand your infrastructure and make adjustments to meet your organization’s changing business and technical needs.

Our senior engineers are familiar with your environment and are available for fast ramp up in the event of an expedited deadline or high priority projects.


No matter the size, we can move your live application or database into a new hosting environment with no downtime or minimal disruption. We collaborate with your team at each step and apply operational best practices to ensure transparent, painless transitions.

We have vast expertise in the provisioning of hosting resources and will design the new infrastructure to best meet your business needs.

Improvement Projects, Audit Support

We’ll do a thorough review of your existing stack, then design and implement the solutions to address your specific pain points.

We have a large team of senior engineers that will be trained in your environment ready to take on your backlogged projects and technical debt. Whether your concern is security, redundancy, disaster recovery, cost reduction, or scalability, we work as your partner to meet your goals.

Acquisition Management

BitPusher has overseen multiple acquisitions. We mitigate costly redundancies and ensure that different technology stacks are merged seamlessly.

Greenfield Deployments

We design environments to make sure that they scale as you grow. For each project we ensure that the full set of operations management components are used, including:

  • Monitoring, graphing, and collecting of system utilization metrics
  • Configuration management for easy and consistent and change
  • Backups designed to meet your real-world data protection needs
  • Security safeguards, both at the perimeter and within
  • Redundancies and failsafes
  • Systematic risk assessment and reduction of environment, data, and uptime risk
  • Improved code deployment processes and tools
  • Tools to facilitate general systems maintenance: configurations changes, software installations, builds, version patching, and more

Consultation Workshops

BitPusher offers varied onsite seminars, most commonly around automation and hosting. A high level overview of the tech is provided, and then applied directly to the context of your environment so that we can identify the best solutions specific to your business.

We also perform a myriad of more customized projects such as reverse engineering black boxes or container management solutions. Contact us to set up a free 30 minute consultation.