One-Time Services

BitPusher LLC offers both one time and ongoing services to your organization.  Many of our clients started with a one time project and became ongoing clients.  Here are some examples of one-time services we offer.

Site Migrations: We can move your live application no matter how large, into a brand new environment using different hosting with very minimal disruption.

Improvement Projects: We can take your environment and get it running according to the latest operational best practices. We’ll do a thorough review of your existing environment and apply our expertise into making your application more stable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Greenfield Deployments: If you’re developing a new environment, we’ll set up the environment from scratch to make sure that it works well both day one and as you grow..

For every each of these types of project, in addition to getting the technology stack into good form, we implement or revamp a full set of operations management components, including:

  • Monitoring, graphing, and collecting of system utilization metrics
  • Configuration management for easy and consistent and change
  • Backups designed to meet your real-world data protection needs
  • Security safeguards, both at the perimeter and within
  • Redundancies and failsafes
  • Systematic risk assessment and reduction of environment, data, and uptime risk
  • Improved code deployment processes and tools
  • Tools to facilitate general systems maintenance: configurations changes, software installations, builds, version patching, and more

We can also perform more specific and customize projects.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.