The BitPusher team is based in San Francisco and Denver, and composed of accomplished architects, engineers, and innovators. We have created extraordinary client experiences through developing innovative services, processes, and technology standards. Working at BitPusher offers you the chance to work with a wide array of technologies and see how they work for a variety of applications.  BitPusher engineers routinely solve unique problems and take on new and interesting challenges. We provide excellent opportunities in professional growth. We have a strong commitment to being a leader in managed application hosting, with client satisfaction being our top priority.  

Open Positions

Senior DevOps Engineer

About you:
  • You think of infrastructure as code
  • You like to take large systems and scale them out
  • You dream of automation
  • You plan for failure
  • You find yourself tweaking config files to get the most out of applications
  • You believe that downtime is not a planned activity
  • You believe in orchestration tools such as Terraform and CloudFormation
  • You believe in quality customer service
What you’ll do:
  • Collaborate with colleagues on unique challenges at scale
  • Build out complete application hosting and development environments based on customer requirements
  • Develop self-service tools for customers to customize their environments
  • Plan system and network maintenances while minimizing impact on the live environment
  • Collaborate with software engineers on process improvement
  • Automation, troubleshooting, and documentation
  • Participate in on-­call rotations and perform off hour maintenance activities
Your background:
  • Have automated everything
  • Have extensive experience with open source tools
  • Have developed reusable code and are comfortable working in multiple languages (Ruby, Python, Bash)
  • Have participated in collaborative coding environments (peer review, continuous integration, etc.)
  • Worked in large scale operations environments
  • Worked with Configuration Management tools (Puppet, Chef or SaltStack)
  • Have 2+ years of application development
  • Have 3+ years of experience with AWS
  • Have 3+ years of experience with Linux/Unix development or systems administration
  • Have 1+ years of experience with networking systems and technologies
Technologies you’ll work with:
  • Cloud (AWS, GCE, Azure)
  • Load balancers (ELB, HAProxy, LVS, F5)
  • Front-end caches (Varnish, Squid)
  • HTTP front-end servers (NGINX, Apache)
  • Firewalls (IPtables, security groups, pf)
  • Ruby on Rails (Unicorn, Passenger, Puma, rbenv)
  • Node.js (Express, pm2, npm)
  • Python (WSGI, Gunicom, Tomado, django)
  • Java (Tomcat, Jboss, standalone apps)
  • PHP (php-fpm, mod_php)
  • Deployment and integration tools (Docker, Fabric, Capistrano, Jenkins, CodeDeploy)
  • Source code control systems (git, Subversion)
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora)
  • Key/value, column and document stores (MongoDB, Riak, DynamoDB, Cassandra)
  • Caching/in-memory (memcached, Redis)
  • Queuing/messaging (RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, SQS)
  • Job management (Resque, Gearman, delayed_job)
  • Failover (PaceMaker/Corosync, keepalived)
  • Replication (MySQL replication, Galera Cluster, PostgreSQL streaming replication, DRBD)
  • Configuration managers (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack)
  • Monitoring and graphing (Nagios, Munin, Sensu, Graphite, Cacti)
  • Backup tools (rsnapshot, XtraBackup)
We are not engaging recruiters or agencies at this time, direct applicants only. To apply, please send your résumé and a brief message to