Who We Are

Founded in 1999, BitPusher was created to provide web hosting services and IT consultation. Our team offers a depth of expertise from over 18 years of experience across hundreds of client engagements. We offer project work and ongoing management at a higher quality and at a lower more predictable cost than other consultants or in-house teams. We believe in a process-oriented approach to devops and strive to reduce costs, improve quality, and allow for rapid growth and change. We are the experts in managed application hosting and have been at the forefront in developing innovative services, processes, and technology standards.  


President/CEO Daniel Lieberman is a 30-year industry veteran, hands-on DevOps engineer, manager, and entrepreneur. He has been with BitPusher since its inception in 1999 and has successfully guided the company through the many changes to the IT industry. He was coauthor of a paper delivered to the US congress, and is an in-demand speaker and thought leader. Daniel has also held management and IT positions at CollabNet, Incyte, Nextron, and Netcom.  


Our team is based in San Francisco and Denver, and is composed of accomplished architects, systems administrators, and engineers. They bring decades of experience from multiple industries across the web. Our engineers are cross-trained in all environments of our managed support clients. They conduct daily briefings, allowing them to leverage their collective knowledge to resolve issues quickly and to make thoughtful decisions around the long term development of the client’s infrastructure.